About the masters

The Digital4Business masters programme is a €19.92 million EU-funded project awarded under the DIGITAL Europe programme. Its primary objective is to help  facilitate digital transformation in Europe, thus ensuring that the current and future generations of workers are sufficiently tech-savvy to be competitive in the ever-evolving digital economy. It has received €7.5 billion of funding to make this a reality.

The main content of the masters degree itself will be taught entirely online, with optional seminars, guest lectures and networking events in person across the various participating venues in Europe. The degree will be fully accredited and industry certified, and students will also have options to take some modules to receive microcredentials. The academic side of the degree will also be complemented by work experience opportunities and mobility programmes. 

As previously mentioned, the main aim of Digital4Business is to address the growing skills gap in the European job market which is having an impact on the growth and development of many European businesses and SMEs. We want to deliver the next generation of digital decision makers, who can fill vital, in-demand business profiles with their in-depth digital skills knowledge.  As a result, the degree will place heavy emphasis on providing practical skills which are directly applicable to industry. Modules in the masters will focus on key topics in the digital world such as AI, cybersecurity, data analytics, digital transformation and cloud. There will also be elective modules in other important emerging areas such as Blockchain, IoT and quantum computing.