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Paris 8 University

We innovate to upskill your digital future

University Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis, founded in 1969 as the so-called "experimental university center of Vincennes" issued from the historical University of Paris, is specialised in Social Sciences and Humanities (Political Sciences, Arts, Geopolitics, Gender studies, links between SSH, health and technologies, etc.) and has several components of whom the University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Montreuil. IUT of Montreuil offers training and teaching methods combining theory and practice. These training courses are divided into 4 professional areas: • Business and administration • Information & Communication • Computer Science • Supply Chain and quality management.


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to the Digital4Business consortium

In the context of the ecological transition as well as the digital transition, professions are going to evolve. Our role is to help and guide companies and their employees to develop their professional skills. We support individuals and companies to anticipate the infinite changes that will shape tomorrow's world, through continuous technological training and action research. Our goal is to ensure a controlled change in the professions of our French/European SMEs companies by developing for them and with them the essential technological skills necessary for their Future.

Our mission

Get cutting-edge digital skills to prepare for tomorrow's world.

Thanks to our expertise in terms of professional training and our proximity to companies, we offer innovative modules via continuing education or apprenticeship training. The modules are tailored to the needs of each company. We are involved in co-designing with each company a Digital4Business master program training with a high economic value and a very positive career impact for each employee.

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Cedex Saint-Denis

Pin 2 rue de la liberté, 93526 Cedex Saint-Denis