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Interdisciplinary and science oriented teaching, transfer and research.

The UNIVERSITY OF DIGITAL SCIENCE (UDS), founded in 2017 is a young German university from the metropolitan area Berlin Brandenburg. Her key topic is Digital Science as a vital reflection for individual, collective, socio-economical, and political decisions. The UDS is an entirely new type of university focused on digital transformation. As Europe's first 100% digitally designed, platform-based university, digitization with all its facets is the hallmark of research and teaching. UDS stands for its unique entrepreneurial "thinking & acting" teaching and learning approach, which educates our graduates and executives to create value through deep digital understanding and academic transfer competencies.


15 Partners from 7 EU countries
Partner Contribution

Our contribution

to the Digital4Business consortium

UDS’ role in Digital4Business is creating a single centralized platform capable of delivering all processes, insights, content and tools. The goal is to provide a modern digital venue for deliberate academic collaboration. This lowers the barriers for everyone who wants to participate in a pan European masters program without being bound to a specific place. No matter which kind of personal digital device one uses, connection and access should be available with just one click. So every stakeholder will experience compatibility and adaptability to the respective needs for their teaching, communication and collaboration. The advanced technical basis which relies on cloud technology will have a high degree of automation which aims at keeping the administrative effort as low as possible. This is what UDS contributes to the consortium – the vision and creativity of an educational lighthouse which joined the game of higher education in order to help change it.

Our mission

Educating Pioneers in Digital Competences in Space of Blended Learning Environment.

Our mission is to reinvent education and research to more participation, diversity, creativity and sustainable competences to provide skills for creating the future. We want to provide the next generation of digital professionals and executives who create great economic and social value everywhere with a world-class education in the form of University-as-a-Service.

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Pin Marlene-Dietrich-Allee 14 14482 Potsdam Germany