Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: The Digital4Business Case at AIED 2024

Bridging the Digital Skills Gap: The Digital4Business Case at AIED 2024

We are thrilled to announce that the paper, “Systematic Needs Analysis of Advanced Digital Skills for Postgraduate Computing Education: The DIGITAL4Business Case,” has been accepted for presentation at the prestigious AIED 2024 conference in Recife, Brazil, from July 8-12. This accomplishment signifies a major milestone for the Digital4Business (D4B) project, emphasizing our dedication to transforming digital education in Europe.

25th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED 2024)

The AIED (Artificial Intelligence in Education) conference is highly esteemed, ranked in the top 16% of computer science venues globally. This recognition underscores the importance and impact of our research within the international academic and professional community.

Authored by Carmel Somers, Dave Feenan, David Fitzgerald, Roberto Henriques, Matteo Martignoni, Daniela Angela Parletta, Eva Cibin, Adriana E. Chis, and Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, the paper addresses the critical shortage of advanced digital skills in the European Union. Our research identified Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing as the top advanced digital skills required by companies, with Data Science and AI closely following. These findings are essential for developing postgraduate education programs tailored to meet these needs, ensuring Europe’s workforce is prepared for the digital age.

The Digital4Business initiative, a €19.9 million EU-funded project, aims to bridge this skills gap through advanced training and education in digital competencies. Our flexible, modular online learning platform caters to diverse learners, from recent graduates to experienced professionals, across various sectors. By providing both academic and industry accreditation, D4B ensures that learners gain both theoretical knowledge and practical, job-ready skills.

Digital4Business at AIED 2024

Participation in AIED 2024 offers a prime opportunity to highlight our progress in digital education and engage with global experts. The conference theme, “AI in Education for a World in Transition,” aligns perfectly with our mission to leverage AI and other advanced technologies to transform education and address the skills shortages faced by European SMEs and businesses.

Horacio Gonzalez-Velez, Professor of Computer Systems & Founding Head of The Cloud Competency Centre at NCI, will present the paper at the conference, sharing our significant findings and contributing to the global dialogue on digital education.

The importance of this work cannot be overstated. As Europe strives to maintain its competitive edge in the global digital economy, developing advanced digital skills is crucial. The D4B project leads this effort, fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government to create a robust, future-ready digital workforce.

We look forward to sharing our findings and continuing the conversation on digital education at AIED 2024. The collective efforts within the D4B Consortium are vital for shaping the future of advanced digital skills in Europe, ensuring we meet the challenges of a rapidly evolving technological landscape.