20×30 Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit

Digital4Business Set to Showcase at the 20×30 Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit in Madrid

This week, the capital of Spain will host the prominent “20×30: Europe’s Advanced Digital Skills Summit,” a crucial event set for May 16, 2024, which is expected to gather some of the most influential minds in the fields of business, academia, and policy-making. Among the key participants is Digital4Business, a trailblazer in integrating cutting-edge digital expertise into the European business ecosystem.

Digital4Business is not only participating but is also at the forefront with a standout session. Horacio González-Vélez, from National College of Ireland  and Brian Cochrane from Schuman Associates , representing the Digital4Business team, will present “The 20X30 #Digital4Business Vision: 20 Key Learnings on Fast Tracking #AdvancedDigitalSkills for #SMEs in 30 Minutes.” Their talk aims to provide rapid, impactful insights into how to develop a world class Master’s programme that will contribute to the vision for 20 million ICT specialists in Europe by 2030—a timely subject given the soaring demand for digital professionals across Europe.

Promotional image for the Advanced Digital Skills summit in Madrid, featuring event details and photos of three speakers, with a bright, colorful background. the “20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit”

What to expect at the “20×30: Europe’s ADS Summit”

The summit, organized by LeADS, is more than a series of talks. It is a vibrant platform for networking, sharing best practices, and shaping the future of Europe’s digital landscape. Digital4Business will also feature an exhibition stand, inviting attendees to join in conversations, exchange ideas, and explore collaborative opportunities.

For those interested in attending the summit and learning from pioneers like Digital4Business, registration details can be found here. The summit promises to be a melting pot of ideas and innovation, essential for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of the digital needs of modern businesses.

In addition to attending the talk, visitors to the Digital4Business stand can engage directly with the team, participate in a competition, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. It’s an opportunity not only to gain insights but also to contribute to discussions that will help shape the policies and practices critical to Europe’s digital economy.

See you there!

Don’t miss out on this pivotal event. Register now to secure your spot at the summit and be sure to visit the Digital4Business stand to dive deeper into the world of advanced digital skills, network with industry leaders, and participate in our exciting competition. We look forward to meeting you in Madrid and exploring how we can collectively advance Europe’s digital future.