Forging Ahead: Digital4Business Completes an Impactful Plenary Session

Digital4Business’s recent plenary session culminated in two days of rigorous discussions, valuable insights, and forging deeper connections. Held at the UDS Cloud House in Potsdam, Germany, the session epitomised the spirit of collaborative innovation.

Plenary Session of Digital 4Business

The session kicked off with a warm welcome from UDS, setting the tone for the day’s proceedings. Representatives from the National College of Ireland (NCI) began by delving into the overall implementation status and the consortium agreement. Their insights provided valuable context for the rest of the meeting. NCI, Digital Technology Skills Ltd (DTSL), and Akkodis spotlighted the curriculum design and shared outcomes from the academia workshop. This session marked a critical step in aligning the program’s academic direction.

Following this discussion focus shifted to accreditation and self-assessment processes. NCI and UDS laid out academic partner inputs, timelines, challenges faced in various countries, and the repercussions on the inaugural programme roll-out. One highlight of the meeting was the collaboration with a German agency on the European accreditation process. They navigated the intricate maze of timelines and paperwork, offering a clear roadmap for the accreditation journey.

Introducing ManageX

Delegates were introduced  to ManageX — an innovative new solution that harnesses years of research into a new online education management system. ManageX uses the most effective cloud computing methodologies to provide faculty and students with computing workflows, applications, and services, supporting self-directed learning, instructor-led classrooms and deep learning modalities. The presentation of ManageX was helmed by Steven Duggan, Vice President, International at Terawe Corporation, and Florian Frank, Chief Information Officer at UDS.

D4B Partners - Plenary session

Matrix Internet led a session on communication strategies, ensuring that the consortium’s message would be conveyed effectively to its diverse audience.

Quality assurance was up next, with Linköping University and DTSL emphasising its paramount importance. Their insights are sure to shape the programme’s commitment to excellence.

NCI  and Schuman then delved into the technical and financial aspects, ensuring that the project remains on track and within budget. The discussions around the Industry and EDI Advisory Boards added another layer of depth to the project’s trajectory.

Reflections on a successful plenary session

Horacio González-Vélez, the Digital4Business Coordinator, reflected on the project’s remarkable journey since its debut in March 2023 at the National College of Ireland (NCI). “Our collective efforts are sculpting the digital destiny of Europe, setting the stage for a brighter, technologically-advanced future. As the Coordinator of the DIGITAL4Business project, I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all our dedicated partners for their invaluable contributions this week.”

All the consortium members in attendance were most grateful to the team at UDS for their warm hospitality over the course of the event.  The two days were packed with enthusiasm, dedication, and a shared vision for a brighter digital future. As the consortium moves forward, it carries with it the learnings, experiences, and camaraderies forged during this memorable gathering.